Saturday, August 1, 2009

The trashmen make me laugh...

Oh the things you see in Taiwan. Today I saw a little asian mommy with one of those "baby bjorn" things on... its the little strappy thing that you can carry your babys on your back or on the front of you with. Well... She had one infant on her back, and one on her stomach and she was riding her moped down the highway with them. So much for child safety seats. I just laughed. And then said a quick prayer for the safety of those children lol.

I went to the beach with Jenna today and we went to this cute little light house. It was on this little island which is all very beachy. They were selling a lot of squid on scewers and these little snails that you suck the inside out of the shells. It was a bit scarry to me but im getting a lot more accustomed to seeing tiny kiosks full of assorted scarry meat. Jenna and I, to get around, got a little tandem bike haha. It was so funny! It honestly made my day! It was SO rediculously hot though. We had to hike up these really really steep streets to get to the light house. We then found our way to the beach and the sand is all black! you think the sand gets hot and burns your feet in america... try walking on black sand! But the ocean was warm which was nice. We got a little lost on our ferry ride home. Ferry is NOT spelled Fairy by the way... travis corrected Jenna and asked if she was riding on a tiny mythological creatrue when she texted him where we were lol. I found that amusing. Anyway... we to the ferry to the wrong place and had to get a cab home.

Now I am sitting her waiting to go to dinner at Charles's house. He is a friend they made who is taiwaneese. Im so scared to have dinner there beceause I know I will have to eat all sorts of scarry meat. If you know me well, you know I bearly eat meat in america because im scared of most of it. Im excited for the experience though.

right now the trashman is driving by. They play rediculously "cute" music like an ice cream truck would. I guess trashmen are not cute enough to be in taiwan so they needed to do something to make them a little cuter. I find this hilarious. I am laughing right now as it is driving past.

I leave for China super early tomorrow morning. Im nervous because everyone tells me people in china are not as nice as they are here and are not as helpful if you dont speak the language. Well... It will be an adventure!

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  1. i am enjoying reading your blog - it's so fun to see taiwan all over again from a new perspective! i miss you and can't wait to have more adventures when you get back =).