Monday, August 17, 2009

China day 4

So day 4, Emma was up at around 8 and I was up at around 9 and we waited till around 12 for the boys to wake up. FINALLY, they rolled out of bed and we all went to the summer palace together. It was really beautiful and almost as amazing as the forbidden city. I think there were parts I like more just because it was on the water and was so beautiful. They had lotus ponds and these beautiful trees and cute little chineese boats that were driving around. We didnt stay super long (maybe two could spend the whole day there!)because Emma and I wanted to go to the silk/pearl market to do some shopping.

The shopping there was the most amazing thing ever. You bargain for everything and they just have so much! I got a really nice fake chanel watch and some fake mac lipgloss thats actually really nice. I got the cutest little chineese dresses for Eva, Lucy and Emme. There was just so much! The t-shirts are hilarious too! I LOVE the broken English. I honestly think its just hilarious. My favorite t-shirt that I bought for myself has a large caricature of a sheep and says "Weedling Sheep" and on the back it has two little sheep and it says "fluffy...fluffy". haha. I dont know what it means but I knew I had to have it.

Emma, lee and rich wanted to go to KFC for dinner so I decided not to put up a fight and just get fast food. Then we walked through the night market again an looked at scary scorpions. Then we went back and went to bed because we had made plans to go to a tiny village together called pingyao and had to leave at like 6 am to make the train.

I loved having Emma and Lee with us. It just made the week so much better. Emma was hilarious. She would try and talk in an american accent and I would try and talk in a british accent. She sounded like a hick farmer (but she swears her accent is perfect haha) and I apperantly sounded "posh" and she would just laugh at how rediculous I would sound. They were so much fun to be with!

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