Monday, August 17, 2009

China day 3

Day 3 was my favorite day because this is the day that we met Lee and Emma. They are from England and are both law students there. I guess they have been dating for about a year and just came to China on vacation. They were staying at our hostel and we met them because we all sighned up to go to the great wall with a tour that left from our hostel. We basically spent all day with them... and then the next three days.

The great wall was AMAZING. Honestly, it may be the most amazing thing I have ever seen and I know why its one of the 7 wonders of the world. Its just incredible. I mean you see pictures of it in books or you see it on TV but this is just one of those things that you have to go see to really understand how remarkable it is. I could have spend all day there. I wish I could have gone back. We went to the more beautiful part of the wall that attracts more tourists. If I ever go back I would go to the part of the wall where you can hike it and its basically falling apart. I saw someones pictures who went to that location on the wall and it was beautiful. They droped them off and they had to hike for 4 hours straight in the crazy heat and picked them up at another location. I cant imagine walking it in that heat but i think it would have been worth it. Im glad we went to the location we went to though. The only thing I did not like was that When you would walk inside the little look out towers they all smelled horribly of urin. It was pretty gross.

The hike up to the wall just about killed me... and everyone else. Its so steep and takes about 20 minutes of intense stairs in 90 degree heat. There was a lift that could take you up to the top (like a skii lift) but we didnt want to pay and decided to treck up. I quickly wished I had taken the lift haha. But on the way down you could either take the stairs OR you could take the louge (I dont know how to spell that haha). It was about a mile long and was maybe the coolest thing I did in china. I felt like I was in cool runnings. Im not sure how safe it was... but it was amazing. Lee, Emma, Rich and I all went aroudn the same time and people in front of us would be scared so they would go slow so we were all bumping into eachother or stoping completely to wait for people in front of us to go so we could go faster. The little chineese men would just sit there and yell at us to "go go go go go" or "slow slow slow" haha... it was hilarious. Rich kept smaking into the back of me and my flip flops went flying. He said that time was an accident but I dont believe him :).

They took us to a little chineese restauraunt where you sat at a table with about 10 people (all people from our hostel) and they just brought out like 12 different courses of food. In china and taiwan when you go out to eat you go with a lot of people. They bring out tons of different food and you just eat a little of each. I love it! You get to try so many different things. The food there was really good. It was my favorite meal that I ate in China.

That night everyone wanted to go out so we went to a place where they had dancing called club banana or somethign like that. Rich, lee, Emma this girl paula from our hostel (i think that was her name) and I went. It was a lot of fun because in other countrys when you go dancing it feels more like how people would dance at a wedding. You dont have guys who are grabbing at you or anythign like that. people all just stand in a big circle and actually dance lol. I hate going out in america and well... I really just wont go out in america. I wish It was like china here because I think I would enjoy going dancing a lot more.

For some reason when we left at 2 there were like 5 taxis lined up and NONE of them would take us to our hostel. Rich was convinced it was because we were white and they were being racist and he proceeded to try and yell at them in chineese which really got him no where. Im surprised they didnt just run him over with the taxi. We finally found a cab down the street that told us he also would not take us until we bribed him with more money and told him he didnt have to use the meter (we paid him double or triple what it would have cost). At least we got home. I didnt care at that point. I just wanted my bed.

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