Friday, July 31, 2009

Bright lights and 50 tea!

A few things I really like about taiwan:

1.Bright lights- Everything here at night is colorful and light up. This makes me very happy. I like rainbow lights. Its pretty much magical. :)

2. 50 tea!! not so much the black tea with ice cream in it. Its yummy but made my stomach a bit queeze. And not so much the tea with pearls (little bubble thingies that are sort of gummy and starchy but not really flavorful at all) because there are so many at the bottom of your tea that you feel so full of starchiness, like you just a ate a bagel. But the honey green tea is maybe the most amazing tea i have ever had in my life. That tea alone was worth my thousand dollar plane ticket to come here. 

3. Don Bing's... There are no words for how Delicious these are. its a green spring onion pancake with a fried egg in it. yes, it sounds gross... but is AMAZING. My favorite part of each day is getting up in the morning, waking to 50 tea to get a green honey tea and then going to get my Don bing. There are not words for how fabulous that is and how happy my tea and don bing make me. The only thing that makes my Don Bing better is the little old asian man who sells them. I wish I could ask him his name! All he can say in English is, sit down, go home and bye bye. He waves frantically every time I walk by the stand to go anywhere and always says "go home!!!" in a joking voice and laughs really hard haha. I want to shrink him to the size of a quarter and take him home with me. He is the happiest man I have ever met. Jenna and Travis dont know his name either so they have officially named him "Don Bing". 

4. HILARIOUS english tee shirts. They make no sense. Half the time your not even sure what they are trying to say in english. The other half of the time what it says has nothing to do with the picture on the t-shirt. 

5. how friendly people are. I have had wonderful conversations with a few people so far. They just come right up to you and ask where you are from in their adorable broken english. They are so sweet and I love them! One girl took a picture of me on her cell phone today and turned around and walked away without saying anything haha. It made me laugh a lot. 

Things Im not such a big fan of:

1. uneven side walks! I seriously think I just might kill myself. I can not tell you how many times I have tripped since being her. 

2. The heat!!! It is seriously nine thousand billion trillion degrees here. Every picture I take im sweaty in! My make up literally melts off my face. I have given up trying to wear it! I get out of the shower and start sweating within minutes. I have decided its a bit like Chinese water torture. Its ok at first and then it just wears on you. You cant get away from it. 

3. bugs... i am glad the mosquito's here dont Carry deadly diseases like malaria because no amount of bug spray seems to keep them off of me. I hate them all an wish they would die. 

4. the air pollution. It smells like warm garbage quite often when you walk down the street. If you walk over a sewer grate you just smell hot sewage. If they are cooking stinky tofu any wear near you can pretty much count on throwing up from the smell. Stinky tofu is made out of tofu and rotten cabbage. 

5. Not knowing how to order anything other than noodles for lunch and dinner. seriously... it gets old. 

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