Monday, August 17, 2009

China day 2

Since im here in this airport ALL day I will just go through my week day by day haha. I have nothing better to do and this will occupy my time for at least an hour or two. So... China Day 2.

Rich and I went to Tian An Men suqare and the forbidden city on day 2. We went with some girls from the UK that we met at the hostel. Millie (who had spend the last year teaching english in Hong Kong), Hanna and I honestly forget the other girls name now!

Tian An Men square was pretty boring honestly. It was just a really big open area. It was sad to learn about the massacre that happened there about 20 years ago though. College students were peacefully gathered in the square for 3 days to oppose the communist government and on the third day teh government sent tanks that drove through the square, running people over and oppening machine gun fire on thousands. The government has never addressed the issue openly and they dont even know how many people died. So crazy.

China was seriously amazing in that everyting I went to see was WAY above what I could have imagined. I thought the things I would see would be pretty great but everything just blew me away. The forbidden city was incredible. It just went on and on forever. Its about a mile long and its just so huge and elaborate. To think that they built it all by hand is crazy. Someone told me that Its the oldest wodent structure still standing in the world. I kept feeling like I was in disney world at epcot in "china" and had to keep reminding myself I was ACTUALLY there.

That night Rich and I were dead tired from walking so much in the crazy heat. I dont think I have ever sweated so much in my life. We went and got messages at this little palace next to the hostel and they did not beat me like the taiwaneese people did. It was actually pretty relaxing and felt quite nice after carrying my lugage the day before and walking around all day.

Food in china was a bit more expensive than in taiwan but still was remarkably cheap compared to the states. There were not many little noodle places like in taiwan and they didnt have 50 tea so I was quite sad. I made due though. I could usually find somethign somewhere that I was willing to consume. I did like the food in taiwan better... but the alcohol was way cheaper in china. You could get a HUGE bottle of beer (prob equal to two and a half regular beers) for about 45 american cents. I would drink half of it and give the rest to rich haha.

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