Tuesday, September 29, 2009

La Escuela

I am really loving my time at this school. Today Sue had to meet with Paul so I taught her art class. We recently changed it into an English immersion art class because we want these girls to leave the school after three years with a better understanding of english. (the english texint books here are not ever correct and the kids can say "hi how are you" and that is about it after 4 years of english!). Sue is very expressive so she is perfect to teach immersion because its helpful when you are demonstrative. It takes patience and is hard to switch though so Sue has continued to speak a lot of spanish. I keep trying to encourage her not to do so because if you say something in english and then spanish they forget the english and grab onto the spanish instruction. It was so fun when i was teaching the girls because i only spoke english and they loved it. they were laughing and asking how to say different things. They were learning so much and practicing english all class while they were working on their projects. It was so great! The last ten minutes i let them ask me questions about america and i answered them in spanish for them. They made me show them my drivers licence and they were amazed that i did not have two first names (in latin culture everyone has two names). They thought it was hilarious that we keep guine pigs as pets in america. Two of the girls asked if I would go to their village tomorrow after school and stay the night with them. ( I told them only if they did not try and serve me cuy because we keep them as pets and it would be like eating my dog!!!) They laughed and said that would be fine. So i think im about to do my first overnight to a little andean mountain community tomorrow if it works out!

Also, sorry that I add three entries at once. I dont get the the internet often so i type out my blog/journal on my computer during the week and then just copy and past them all at once when i get to the internet.

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