Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trying to figure this out...

Well... I guess I am an official blogger. I decided I better get this figured out before I leave for my adventures! Now I feel lots of pressure to say really great or interesting things here in this space haha.

Naming a blog is also a lot of pressure! Its like naming a car. You want something really great but it has to be organic and fitting. With as busy as I am "Only to be still" may not seem too fitting, however, I feel like this is my daily battle and what I hope to continue to seek though my adventures over the next months.

Exodus 14:14 "The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still."

How beautiful the moments feel that I am able to live this out and simply rest knowing that Christ has and will fight for me. I love the depth and intimacy in the times that I seek the Lord, turn to him to rightly be God in my life, and turn from my ridiculous sinful desires to control my world and be my own God. How is my heart ever deceived into believing that it can do a better job being its own God? And yet... this is my daily and often second by second battle... to turn from myself and my idols and turn to HIM, the one who has already fought for me and won.

I may not have many minutes in my day free but in the midst of the craziness of Young Life and my job of helping to raise two beautiful girls and full time school all while making time for friends and some fun adventures here and there I want to have a spirit that is still. Busy, to me, is less about what I am doing and more about how my heart is doing with Christ. I could sit in a room all day staring at a wall but my heart could feel busy. I can be with people all day and go from thing to thing and feel completely at peace, at rest and completely still when my heart is really resting in Christ.

So now you know the origins of my blog name haha...

Who knows how consistent I will be with writing on this... between facebook, gmail, twitter and now this I am afraid my life will be consumed by technology. THIS is why im moving to Ecuador!!! haha... maybe I just need to go for a good long hike in the woods this weekend :)

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